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We know there are many options available to you when it comes to the service and repair of your vehicle. You might ask yourself: why should I go to the dealership for service? Here are a few reasons to trust your vehicle to the experts at Nalley Ford Sandy Springs:

The Works: This is no ordinary oil change.

Think service at the dealership is always pricey? Think again. With The Works® package, you receive a Synthetic Blend Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Brake Inspection, and more for $39.95 or less1. Trusted service from technicians that know Ford vehicles best, with a price that won't break the bank. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Tires: Low price tire guarantee.

Tires are serious business, so why buy tires anywhere else? With 13 major tire brands available, plus a 30-day price guarantee, you can be sure you're getting the best deal on your favorite brand of tires. The best part? We can install tires on all makes and models.

It's Brake Time: Lifetime brake pad guarantee.

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your car, and routine brake maintenance is necessary for proper vehicle safety. When you service at Nalley Ford Sandy Springs, you can take advantage of the Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee2. These brake pads are designed and engineered for your Ford, and are guaranteed as long as you own your car. So visit us today - it's brake time.


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The Specialists

The Specialists at Ford

When your Ford needs service, there's one elite team.

When it comes to the service and repair of your Ford, there's only one team that knows your car best - the Specialists at Ford. This unique bunch of individuals is here to help you get back on the road in the shortest time possible. Whether it's a quick oil change or a more elaborate engine repair, you can be sure our Specialists pay the utmost attention to detail. The Specialists supply themselves with quality Ford Motorcraft® parts. The right fit, finish and long-lasting durability. The elite team uses tools designed specifically by Ford for Ford vehicles. Their advanced diagnostic technology arms The Specialists with the latest Ford info before anyone else has it. The Specialists are trained specifically to service Ford vehicles. With countless hours of on-site training, this team is certified, licensed and committed to the highest level of service.

Meet Slick: Changes oil without a slip.

Slick has oil in his veins. He's got the perfect Motorcraft® blend for any vehicle and he knows that oil is the lifeblood of an engine, so you can trust Slick to give yours the transfusion it needs. Slick is all business - oil business. The right blend of oil can make all the difference. Very serious about synthetics, and versed in viscosity, Slick knows how to make your Ford purr with one word: Motorcraft®.

Specialty: Testing viscosity by scent.
Likes: Any well-oiled machine, especially four-wheel ones.
Dislikes: Dry toast, dry humor. The Mojave Desert.
Favorite Read: Painting with Motor Oils.
Quote: "10W-30? Excellent choice. The 2013 Motorcraft is highly coveted. I own ten."

Meet Treads: The Specialist who knows tires.

Among his crew, he's known as "Treads." He's changed more tires than most people have changed socks. And no one handles a stubborn lug nut better. Treads knows his stuff, from radials to rotations. He's been expertly trained and knows what it takes to keep your tires in excellent shape. Tires are serious business, so put your trust in Treads. Treads knows what tires are right for your Ford. He's got the latest equipment designed by Ford and he'll give you the Low Price Tire Guarantee. For everything tires, he's ready to roll.

Talent: Called the Prince of Performance Radials.
Likes: Racing, especially watching pit crews.
Dislikes: Flat soda, bald tires, and pointy objects.
Favorite Food: Donuts, bagels, and Bundt cakes.
Quote: "Nothing matters more than the rubber hitting the road. Preferably, with a classic whitewall."

Meet Maestro: The "Go-To" Specialist.

They don't call her Maestro for nothing. This skilled Service Advisor makes sure that the right parts, the right techs and the right service all fall in line. Maestro gets it done. All of it. Our expert Service Advisor is beyond organized. She knows precisely how to match your Ford to the right specialists and she'll get you on your way promptly. Without breaking a sweat.

Talent: Running a tight ship even when she's not on a ship.
Likes: Creating spreadsheets, coaching ANYTHING, and organizing closets.
Dislikes: Decaf and procrastination.
Favorite Reads: Anything motivational. Time management tips? Live for them!
Quote: "My earliest memory is alphabetizing and categorizing my stuffed animals…. Now I do the same thing with my techs."

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Dealership Hours

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  • Sunday Closed

Service Inquiries

Meet Jigsaw: Only Motorcraft® parts make his cut.

Nothing puzzles Jigsaw. He knows exactly how all the pieces fit together. And he can answer any question about any part. For superior performance, Jigsaw only recommends Ford-backed Motorcraft® parts. He knows how every nut and bolt fit together and he finishes each job with pinpoint accuracy. He's so technical, computers should ask him the questions.

Specialty: Rebuilding an engine..blindfolded.
Likes: A sharp sense of humor and anything Motorcraft®.
Dislikes: A disorganized toolbox. Actually, he hates anything that's disorganized.
Favorite Part: The steering knuckle - specifically Motorcraft® part #MEOE-153.
Quote: "Everybody has to play their part. My part…is all about parts."

Meet Doc: He's never met a problem he can't solve.

He tracks every problem to its source; diagnoses funny noises faster than you can hear them; intimidates the potential issues into submission. How? Years of training; computerized analytics straight from Ford Engineering. And an obsessive, relentless nature that makes you glad he works for us and not the IRS. He is a true problem solver, getting to the bottom of any diagnostic issues in your vehicle. With expert analysis, a calm demeanor and a keen eye for small details, Doc gets it done right, the first time. And every time.

Talent: Discerning screeching sounds while blindfolded - right down to the breed of cat or make of vehicle.
Likes: Crossword puzzles, getting tracking dogs back on track.
Dislikes: Lazy Sunday afternoons, easy three-ingredient recipes.
Hobbies: Quantum Physics. Safe-cracking (his own).
Quote: "There isn't a problem that can't be solved. Pop the hood and let the games begin."

Meet Gizmo: He has a tool for everything.

At the end of the day, Gizmo doesn't just put his tools away. He tucks them in. His favorites are the special ones that Ford designs for specific jobs. A tech's only as good as his tools. And Gizmo's are the best. The Ford-designed diagnostic tools are what separate the men from the boys. And this man loves his tools. He's even got a name for each one. Sure, Gizmo's got his favorites, but each tool helps him to be fast, efficient and precise for every job.

Talent: Packing his toolbox with steel-cut precision.
Likes: Setting out his wrenches, screwdrivers and air guns in descending order, largest to smallest.
Dislikes: A messy toolbox. Ain't got time for that.
Favorite Food: Lobster. I like using the lobster cracker. It's my thing.
Quote: "A surgeon's got his scalpel. I've got my wrenches. When it's go time, it's go time."

1Up to five quarts of Motorcraft® oil and oil filter. Taxes, diesel vehicles and disposal fees extra. Hybrid battery test excluded. Offer valid 10/01/16 to 12/31/16. See participating U.S. dealership for exclusions, rebate and account details through 12/31/16.

2Eligible Motorcraft® brake pads purchased after 7/1/14. Nontransferable. Requires completion of any other necessary brake service, such as brake rotor service. Replacement Motorcraft brake pads must be installed by a U.S. Ford or Lincoln Dealership or Quick Lane® technician to be eligible. Labor costs not included. Restrictions and exclusions apply. See Service Advisor for details through 12/31/16.

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