Water vs Windshield Wiper Fluid

Not only is water ineffective at cleaning a car's windshield, but it can also damage the system. Windshield wiper fluid is primarily used in the system because not only is it a good detergent to wash windows with but it also lubrication protect the internal components of the system. This means that the windshield wiper fluid system can go longer duration of time without being serviced.

In order to make sure that your windshield wiper fluid system is working correctly it is important to use the recommended fluid so that the system can operate efficiently. Failure to do so could put the system at risk and could leave it inoperable when you are driving in snowy or muddy condition. It is imperative that your windshield wiper fluid system works correctly.

We here at Nalley Ford Sandy Springs want our Atlanta residents to check their windshield wiper fluid levels so that they can drive more safely.

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