Take Your Pet on the Trip with You

Traveling with your pets can be a fun experience, and with a little forethought, you can avoid some problems along the way. We all view our pets as members of the family, and we enjoy every moment that we have to spend with them. Our team at Nalley Ford Sandy Springs is ripe with pet owners, making us a great resource for gauging your preparation before hitting the road with your cat or dog.

Traveling in a car can be a daunting experience for your pet and you if some precautions are not taken. If your pet has not ridden a car before, take him or her for a few rides to give them experience in riding with you. Since they depend on you for their protection, they will soon realize that you have their best interest at heart and riding in a car is not a big deal. Be sure that you bring enough food and water for your pet, especially if the trip is a fairly long one. If your pet is anxious and seems afraid, talk to your veterinarian and see if a small amount of Dramamine would help.

If you're interested in hearing more from our team, or need to find a bigger vehicle to suit your pet, then plan a visit to learn more at 7555 Roswell Road in Atlanta!

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