The 2017 Ford Transit Connect: Meet Your Newest Team Member

For business owners, having the 2017 Ford Transit Connect is very similar to having a reliable employee. Although we're sure that all of your employees are reliable, it doesn't hurt to have a new one on the team to help boost morale, safety, and productivity. Just check out all of the ways that it helps your business to flow better. Thanks to the sensor enabled driving innovation available for the 2017 Ford Transit, your driver is better able to handle harsh road and weather conditions. Features such as Curve Control & Torque Vectoring Control, Electronic Emergency Brake Assist & Hill Assist, and Trailer Sway Control are almost like having a second driver that is able to handle pretty much anything. Many more optional features that help take the heavy load off you and your workers are also available. Visit the local Ford dealership to find out more about your newest team member.
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