The 2017 Ford C-Max: Ultimate Driving Experience

The new 2017 Ford C-Max has single-handedly revolutionized your driving experience. Complete with high tech functions, storage space and an unmatched luxurious interior, the C-Max ranks top of its class. This versatile vehicle adds style and flare to your everyday ride.

The C-Max includes a unique floor storage compartment. Providing you with extra space, passengers can easily store small items underneath their feet. This creative new feature makes carrying laptops and other electronic items simple and easy. The Push Button Start is a quick and practical function. Once drivers are ready to go, a simple push of the engine button will turn your vehicle on. Once in motion, drivers can access the upgraded navigational system. This high tech navigation will correctly guide you to your desired destination. Drivers can save preferred locations and accurately pin point businesses.

The 2017 C-Max places you in control. Offering an unique driving experience, drivers are flocking to the new innovative C-Max.
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