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Optimize Your Car To Save On Fuel

In order to get the best mileage from your car, keep the tire pressure to the maximum level as listed on the sidewall. This will help to reduce the rolling resistance and get you much better gas mileage. You need to check your tire pressure often enough or at least every other time that you fill up.

You need to know which car to use. Try to keep a luxury car as well as a small sized car with you. No matter what you try, the luxury car will always guzzle fuel. Hence for small trips to the...

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The Importance of Having a Roadside Emergency Kit

Having a roadside emergency kit available in case of an emergency could save your life and someone else. Depending on whether you are driving a long distance or a short distance will modify the items you will need. Of course road side assistance is always a great option to have, but it can take hours to receive help. It is important to have necessities in case of an accident or break down, just in case.

For short distances you should have: a cell phone, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, flares or warning light, tire gauge, jack and lug wrench, oil…
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The 2017 Ford Transit Connect: Meet Your Newest Team Member

For business owners, having the 2017 Ford Transit Connect is very similar to having a reliable employee. Although we're sure that all of your employees are reliable, it doesn't hurt to have a new one on the team to help boost morale, safety, and productivity. Just check out all of the ways that it helps your business to flow better. Thanks to the sensor enabled driving innovation available for the 2017 Ford Transit, your driver is better able to handle harsh road and weather conditions.
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2017 Ford Fiesta Is A Great Starter Car


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Everyone knows that it isn't easy picking out a car for the first time. You have to pick a brand and factor in all the pros and cons. The 2017 Ford Fiesta is a great overall choice that comes as a sedan or a hatchback.

Starting at an incredible low price of $13,660, the 2017 Ford Fiesta gives you your bang for your buck. Running at 27 miles per gallon in the city and 35 on the highway, it's fuel efficient…
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To Keep the Car Alive Change Its Oil

In order to keep your car alive, healthy and safe, you need to keep checking for a very necessary oil change on a continual basis. Do not overlook this, for it may affect the overall durability and function of your vehicle. To say that this regular oil change is needed is a major understatement, and that is saying the very least. It is not an option. Be merciful to your poor car, and give it its well-deserved oil change every now and again.

Oil changes benefit everything under the hood of any car. They may increase lubrication and overall fluid…
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Ford’s City of Tomorrow

Ford Motor Company has a bright future ahead of it, and it wants to take everyone along for the ride.

The American company is working with cities around the world to help solve growing mobility concerns in urban areas, with a focus on gridlock and air pollution.

To address this challenge, Ford launched Ford’s City Solutions team, the only one of its kind in the auto industry, to propose, pilot and develop mobility solutions. The team is also in talks to collaborate with Bloomberg Philanthropies and its global coalition of mayors.

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Drive More Efficiently With a 2017 Ford Explorer

If you are a driver who appreciates a vehicle with features that can enhance your driving skills and keep you safe on the road at the same time, the 2017 Ford Explorer is your kind of car.

When you need help parking, the Explorer’s Active Park Assist feature will help you with a dozen sensors that work to find you a parking space. When the right space is found, the Active Park Assist feature will help you back into it. This vehicle’s Lane-Keeping System will warn you when you drift out of your lane, and the camera installed…
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